We energized, we organized, we tweeted!

As I wrote in my last post, I joined two of my feminist friends at the national NOW 2012 conference in Baltimore on Friday to present a skills-building workshop for activists who are new to using Twitter and want to learn how to use the social media platform in their organizing.

It was a success! We split our workshop session with two skills-building panels from the Sewall-Belmont Museum in Washington, D.C., and FemEx and had a great time teaching the mechanics and art of Twitter and its importance to fighting attacks on women’s rights to nearly 50 feminist activists from across the country. Good turnout, great questions and energy in the room. Sitting on a panel (with microphones!) in front of activists who have a lot to teach me was only slightly surreal. For the three of us, it was our first experience presenting at a national conference and we loved it. And for the record, we spoke from a place of experience, not authority. The beauty of Twitter is that everyone can learn it, use it and no one exclusively owns it.

Eve Ensler addressed NOW 2012 conference in Baltimore on Friday.

being silly before our workshop. can you feel the excitement?! (from left to right: @RachelAPiazza, @elchavodorado, @MullenKat)

We created a new Twitter account for the purpose of our workshop (@feminactivism), to connect with feminists who came to the conference and to continue the momentum. We were live tweeting the conference, MT and RT a little too much because Twitter temporarily suspended our account yesterday. We’re working on getting it back and hopefully we’ll be up and running again in no time.

Here’s a comprehensive, but not exhaustive list we handed out on Friday of feminists and feminist-friendly organizations and people we think everyone should follow on Twitter. Feel free to let us know of other awesome feminists we should follow, by leaving a comment or tweeting us!

Rachel’s List (@RachelAPiazza)

  1. National Organization for Women (@NationalNOW)
  2. Girl Scouts (@girlscouts)
  3. Michelle Obama (@MichelleObama)
  4. Women in the World (@WomenInWorld)
  5. Jane Seymour Fonda (@Janefonda)
  6. AAUW Public Policy (@AAUWPolicy)
  7. Catalyst, Inc (@catalystInc)
  8. Change.org (@change)
  9. IWPR (@IWPResearch)
  10. Gloria Steinem (@GloriaSteinem)
  11. White House Project (@TWHP)
  12. Shira Tarrant (@shiratarrant)
  13. Jezebel (@jezebel)
  14. Feministe (@Feministe)
  15. Bitch Media (@BitchMedia)
  16. Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti)
  17. Feminist Majority Foundation (@FemMajority)
  18. Rachel Maddow MSNBC (@maddow)
  19. Andy Borowitz (@BorowitzReport)
  20. Planned Parenthood (@PPact)

Jeffrey’s List (@elchavodorado)

  1. UN Women (@UNWomen)
  2. Christiane Amanpour (@camanpour)
  3. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)
  4. Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling)
  5. Kelly Oxford (@kellyoxford)
  6. Diablo Cody (@diablocody)
  7. Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman)
  8. Lena Dunham (@lenadunham)
  9. bell hooks (@bellhooks)
  10. FEMINIST HULK (@feministhulk)
  11. Racialicious (@racialicious)
  12. Feministing (@feministing)
  13. Women’s Media Center (@womensmediacntr)
  14. Senator Barbara Mikulski (@SenatorBarb)
  15. The Coquette (@coketweet)
  16. Krystal Ball (@KrystalBall1)
  17. Elizabeth Warren (@elizabethforma)
  18. Babe Walker (@whitegirlproblem)
  19. Jane Lynch (@janemarielynch)
  20. Ashley Judd (@AshleyJudd)

Katie’s List (@MullenKat)

1. The Melissa Harris-Perry Show (@MHPshow)
2. NYC RJ Coalition (@NYC4RJ)
3. Katha Pollitt (@KathaPollitt)
5. Name It. Change It. (@nameitchangeit)
6. Third Wave (@3Wave)
7. RH Reality Check (@rhrealitycheck)
8. Shelby Knox (@ShelbyKnox)
9. Steph Herold (@IAmDrTiller)
10. DC Abortion Fund (@DCAbortionFund)
11. Eve Ensler (@eveensler)
12. Center for American Progress (@amprog)
13. Colorlines.com (@Colorlines)
14. Elizabeth Warren (@elizabethforma)
15. Free Bei Bei Shuai (@FreeBeiBei)
16. CODEPINK (@CodePink)
18. Bitch Flicks (@BitchFlicks)
19. SharkFu (@SharkFu)
20. Ms. Magazine (@MsMagazine)


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