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My newest post on Rep. Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin for Rhyme et Reason.

Rhyme et Reason

Just when I thought 2012 couldn’t get any worse in the right-wing attacks on women’s bodily autonomy, Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri proves that we haven’t hit rock-bottom of the GOP’s misogyny.

How can you top transvaginal ultrasounds and upstage Rush Limbaugh? Easy! Let’s recap what happened on Sunday when Akin “misspoke” and blatantly spread the false, unscientific garbage that: 1. a woman’s uterus has the magical power to shut down a rapist’s sperm so she doesn’t become pregnant; and 2. rape, by Akin’s definition, only exists and is “legitimate” if there’s a penis involved.

I laughed and tweeted about my newly discovered magical uterus and its secret powers, but all jokes aside, Akin’s comments are shockingly medieval. Not only do his comments place the burden and onus of preventing rape on women, they also insinuate that a uterus – a fist-sized muscular organ – can instinctively react to…

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