Have We Graduated from Feminism?

Since I co-founded Feminist Friends with two friends from graduate school last year, we’ve started to make a name for ourselves by gathering a nice following on Twitter (@FeministFriends), writing and creating a variety of feminist workshops on social media, reproductive justice and leadership for feminist activists.  Our latest adventure was presenting a workshop/discussion at the National Conference of College Women Student Leaders, held at the University of Maryland in College Park on May 31. It’s safe to say that it was a success! Check it out below.

On May 31, Feminist Friends asked young women student leaders at the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders in College Park, Maryland, to talk about the intersections of feminism and women’s leadership. Here’s a small sample of the discussion!

  1. We started the discussion off by asking participants what they think of when they hear the word “feminism.”
  2. Feminism is about what you’re doing and not only what you’re saying. #femgrad #NCCWSL2013
  3. Feminism is taking away the limits of what it means to be women & men and to recognize full humanity. #femgrad #NCCWSL2013
  4. Then the conversation turned to the importance of identifying yourself as a feminist.
  5. #youngfems are the NOW of the feminist movement!
  6. Woot! RT @FeministFriends: The now of feminism & women’s leadership is here in the room at University of MD. #youngfems #femgrad @NCCWSL
  7. One student leader talking now about Feminist Coming Out Day on her campus – what a great idea! #femgrad #NCCWSL2013
  8. Standing room only!
  9. Our #femgrad circle takes up the entire room! Awesome discussion! #NCCWSL2013 pic.twitter.com/NmSzKANoFw
  10. @NCCWSL Have We Graduated From Feminism with @FeministFriends was an amazing experience! #femgrad
  11. Thanks to all who came and made an amazing discussion!

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